Mor "Mogli" Cohen is a seasoned tattoo artist currently residing in Toronto Canada. Born in New York and raised in Israel, his career took off in Miami in 2005. He had a love of art early on in life, preferring to express himself through wall paintings and drawings in class. At the age of 15 he started volunteering his time in tattoo shops around Tel Aviv Israel. Taking in as much information as possible from the artists around him, asking questions and browsing the internet to feed his love of clean, professional art.


In 2004 he moved to New Jersey to develop his career. He applied for a position as an apprenticeship and was shut down. He was told he couldn't work there because he didn't have enough visible tattoos. Discouraged but not through with the industry yet, he set out to prove that his work can speak for itself. A strong believer that no one should be judged by image alone, he continued his travels through New York learning as much as possible on the way. At 19 he moved back to Israel to care for his Grandmother, only putting his dreams on hold for a short time.


Along came 2005 and it was time to move again, this time to Miami. He was welcomed at Miami Tattoo Company for his passion of realistic black and grey tattoos. For 2 years he spent his time working alongside some of the best artists in Miami, perfecting his work. 


Finally, it was time for another move to expand his skills. Mor arrived in Toronto Canada in 2011, currently expressing himself at Mor Ink Tattoos. Working primarily with realistic ideas Mor "Mogli" Cohen continues to grow and develop himself as an artist.





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