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Mor’s process is different from the rest! His ability to provide high-quality realism tattoos stems from his creative process.


Mor sits with each client on the day of the tattoo to design the custom piece. He asks that all of his clients come to their appointment with a “moment”, something that you can both use to create something meaningful and memorable.


He will not copy another artist tattoo’s and does not want to discuss ideas in advance, this takes away from the time he is willing to spend with you on your appointment day. He does NOT charge for design time!


Mor takes 1 client per day, when you book your appointment slot you have booked him for the day. This way you can decide on the day of the tattoo how much time you would like to spend on the piece once it’s designed.


He is incredibly fast at tattooing so don’t worry, the time spent designing and developing will not take away too much tattooing time.

Check out our "Book Online" page to book with Mor or any of our other artists!

Feel free to reach out to Jess at 647-522-3533 with any questions or reference photos! You can text or call! 


Mor Ink Tattoo

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